About this project

For Blondie/Cartier we have done a number of videos over the last few years, with the Tokyo store experience being one of the latest and most impressive projects. 

For this project, Cartier put 18 of their wedding bands and engagement rings on display. Each having an interactive journey that explains the heritage and details of the ring. The complexity of this project was that certain elements had to loop, yet have a seamless transition when a user interacts with the interactive, semi-transparent touch display. 

This resulted in a complex output structure of 21 assets per ring, that were programmed to give a seamless user experience and that resulted in a render-output of nearly 400 assets.

After this interactive experience has travelled through Japan for a few months it has now found a permanent home in Cartiers flagship store in Tokyo.But it did not stop there; as the project was such a great success it is adapted for the Cartier flagship store in New York. 

Project specs

  • 18 wedding bands / engagement rings

  • Motion graphics

  • Looping outputs


  • 20 videos per ring

  • Looping, still, png renders and video outputs

  • Adapt to touch-input display

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