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we have worked for

We do motion content; Video production, Motion Graphics and Animation. We are based in Shanghai, Amsterdam. 

We love doing projects ranging from video production, motion graphics and composing music. But also pitching projects which our clients, like agencies, use to land a job from their client. This can be a visualisation and animation of a final product like an app or website. 

Did we mention we also have a background in graphic design and audio?

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Motion graphics | Animation

Marvel Heroes UNITE

Motion Graphics

Cartier TOKYO Flagship store

Motion Graphics | animation

Disney KICKOFF launch events

Motion Graphics | animation

Disney / Star wars / Pixar / marvel sizzles

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Video Production

Sure, we do all kinds of video production. We capture that light baby!

Video Editing

Cut cut cut! We can edit and would love to edit your projects.

Motion graphics

We love doing Motion Grapics and animation. It’s what we do best.

Digital content

Need sounds? We can do all your audio productions as well.

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